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Visiting France

In this section, I am sharing my preliminary research, travel notes, and pictures taken from a beautiful vacation in France. I hope that my audience will find interesting information, inspiration for future vacation or at least beauty in the though process of spending quality time abroad.

We, that is me and my wife, started by imagining this vacation well ahead of time. The idea cropped up before the lockdown due to the COVID pandemic, even back then having done some preliminary research on availability, required budget, and some bookings that we had to roll back since for which we had earned some credits on sited such as Airbnb, Expedia etc. It was only in 2022 that we eventually committed time to the effort of preparing for and travelling to France the following Summer. 

We like to travel also accompanied by friends so we presented the case for this vacation during get togethers and parties as a proposal for people to join us. Luckily we found availability among them, and eight other people joined up partially or integrally for the 18 days long holiday abroad. Planning for accommodation, transportation, and daily activities for such a group was very important. Here are my notes on planning the trip.

The actual trip took place as planned. Details of each of the three sections are to be in the following pages:

Next image is putting the trip on the map.

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