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A late August afternoon in Paris 

We flow with Airtransat over the ocean with an over night flight arriving to Paris. It was an excellent choice to use this carrier as they use modern airplanes (Airbus) which are more convenient for this type of trip. I cannot but praise them for their service.  

From the Charles De Gaul Airport, Terminal 3 to the Hotel downtown Paris at the suggestion of our friends in the traveling party we took the subway (metro). I feel it was an interesting experience to have for one time, but I would not repeat it. We could have instead split the cost between our group members and take an Uber taxi for a similar cost rather than jampack together with other Parisian commuters on that long distance. Luckily, the heat and smells were the only inconvenience to that trip. No pickpocketing, so the trip was safe for us.

Our hotel was located at the very heart of the Marais district in Paris, a former Convent attached to the Saint Merry Church. Le Presbytere hotel is worth all the excellent ratings that one can find on Google Maps.  

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