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I made a decision for myself to dedicate my spare time and energy to making art. As I love drawing, painting and sculpting, I think these make up a hobby worth pursuing for the future, aiming for a post retirement profession. Funny ehe. It comes a time when people need to think about second or third careers to keep busy while still moving under the Sun.

In my old age, I need activities that would keep me socially busy as well as open opportunities for new income which could augment my existing portfolio of savings. If that is also fun to do, why not. Art is to go.

Today, I have converted this website to service an artist presentation. As it can be seen on the homepage, I am posting my most recent artwork on that entry page. The visitor also has fast links to other sections of the page.

The cool think is that I leaned how to create a Portfolio page which contains indexes to my published work which is dynamically constructed from my database.

This is only the beginning. Just check this website out from time to time for novel entries.

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