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D'Orsay, Brancusi Workshop and Shakespear Bookstore

While visiting the rich collection of art at the Miseum by the Seine, the large clock hanging on the wall by the enteramce captured my eyes. I must draw it to understand all its exquisite details.

We spent three hours browsing on a fast pase leaving by many works of arrs, both sculptures and paintings,not fully seen. Honestly, I found some of those most revered paintings a bit lite on color and some as unimpressive for composition. But overall the section with furniture made by artists and craftsmen of the Art Nouveau movement as most appealing selection of all.

We left the Museum before 3 PM not expecting a light rain in Paris for a day in August. Being lite dressed we stopped at a crepperie near by to get a bagette and coffee until the rain was over.

Walking to the Place Pompidou was long enough for us to justify having consummed those extra calories. Some people inmh group were slower to walk so we had to synchronize on the way. With all that we were happy to have arrived at the Brancusi Workshop in time to see the exhibition with no rush.

From there, it was a short walk of 1km to the Cathedral of Notre Dame which is currently being renovated and closed for visiting. That dis not preven me from taking some photoes of it

Just accross the Seine, there was a lineup of 30 minute before the enterance to the Shakespeare bookstore. I got inside some 30 minutes before closing time and had time to select and pay for a book. Happy to have it stamped by the store.

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