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Drawing the man on the moon

I was so inspired yesterday of an image that I remember seeing in the past of a man on the moon. The old King Gambrinus comes from a long folklore related to beer in Europe. The theme must have came about during one of those long long winters of the Little Ice Age which inspired many other folktales over the centuries. Now that Winter is here again, I could not resist by make a fast sketch of Gambrinus without his kingly crown and beard :-).

I must have seen a similar poster or a drawing somewhere in my previous vacations but cannot remember for the life of me more details except for the image.

Anyhow, the drawing turned out quite well as shown next.

Hope to turn it into a painting one day as time permits. It should be one fourth of the painting, maybe as a mirror image on a watercolor paper. I am thinking of using a three color pallet of the primary hues.

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