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First day in Paris

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

We have arrived to Paris after a long flight over the Ocean. It is surprisingly warm. The heat feels more profound than back home where the Summer weather has been left to desire.

In Paris, we found accommodation in an interesting hotel in the middle of a neighborhood named Le Marais. It has been repurposed as a Hotel from a Convent serving the Catholic Cathedral Saint Merri to which it is connected through the interior wall. See the image above.

From a terrace in the Marche facing the Hotel, I found energy and the mood to sketch one of the interesting porticos there.

Just next to that portico, there is lovely Boulangerie, Maison Marney, where we bought some pastry and walked with it to the near by park to enjoy our first meal in France, call it a jetlag tempering brunch.

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