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A watercolor study "Running on the beach".

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

I purchased a watercolor painting set from Schminke Horam at Florence last Summer hoping to get time to familiarize myself with the new medium. Up to this time I have been tinkering with watercolor from Daniel Adams and Winsor Newton, but am willing to give it a try.

Yesterday, I did have some time to play with the medium on a small sample of 140 mm x 120 mm cut out of a large Arches sheet (cold press, of 140 lb thickness). I have chosen for this exercise a color scheme composed of:

  • Prussian Blue (492)

  • Yellow Ocre (655)

  • Permanent Carmine (353)

A swatch with pre-mixing the colors to make an idea on what is possible to obtain is shown in the image below

I have started by drawing a study of values with the scene as shown next. I love to draw in general, and dynamic scene involving human figures in particular.

The result of my few hours of work is somewhat satisfying.

Here is a view of my workspace too.

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