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Visiting Versaille

It was a hot day yesterday in France, the way I like it for a Summer. This weather seems to be the exception though according to the owner of the boulangerie next to our hotel where we drink our first coffee in the morning. Up to a week ago, it rained a lot in Paris.

We called an Uber car at 9:30 amd 40 minutes later we arrieved at the gates of the famous Royal Palace to join our guided group. Our hostes was Hanna, a teacher at the arts school located just downstreets.

A feature that caught my eyes at first was the gold plated gates as seen in the image above. Not unexpectedly, the display of gold and wealth is there throughout the interior of the Palace.

I could write a novel about this impresive Palace as the touch of individual royalty from where it was hundreds of years ago is still to be felt in the design of the rooms, painting and furniture.

Most impressive is the room of the mirrors. See image above.

We walked to the Palace of Grand Trianon too in order to see the actual location of signing a peace treaty after WW1 which decided the politcal map of Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The room was closed as they were setting it up for a future exhibition.

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