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Watercolor in rainy times

It was so unexpected that the December 2022 North American winter storm caused havoc with the weather in southern Mexico during our vacation there. It rained almost continuously on the Mayan Riviera between December 23 and December 30, a phenomena that no local had experienced in their lifetime. If not for the good food and drinks, I would have counted the trip as wasted time and money.

With all the frustration, I have found motivation to try to capture some impressions from the resort and beach.

Here is a view from the beach the day of our arrival.

The covered pathway leading to the restaurant Tierra y Mare

At the pool. I pained this on Wednesday when we were lucky for a couple of hours of sunny afternoon

The Sea was very agitated every day so we were not allowed to swim. I tried to capture the dynamic in the painting below.

Here is a sketch of the entire beach in pencil

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