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Gambrinus without a crown. Watercolor and making a cake.

Following my drawing mentioned in my previous blog, I started earlier the day by transferring the scene with Gambrinus on a piece of scrap paper (14 cm x 12cm, 140 lb cold press Arches), and painted a first wash to obtain the dark of night sky of the background. And left it to dry. My drawing from a few days back that I want to sketch with watercolor is next

Since we are celebrating a very special event for the love of my life, I have thought of making her a cake for a birthday gift in the morning. I was planning on retrying a cake recipe from an old notebook that we kept from my late mother in law. She used to make cakes when we were very young, some decades earlier and thought it would be appropriate for this occasion too for exactly 33 years ago we had the very same cake at the evening party in Timisoara, why the anti communist Revolution was starting that day on Saturday, December 17, 1989.

Here is the recipe notebook, I was writing about

It took me two hours to complete the making and the baking of the cake.

And the final result is a beautiful cake

After cleaning up the kitchen, I went back to my little watercolor project to test a gamut with a set of three colors and mixing them

The result is a sketch, not a piece of art.

With this, I have accomplished my purpose of testing out the set of paints I have just purchased from Daniel Smith. I have a good idea of the three hues which make up a set of primary colors. I theory I should have been able to cover quite a lot of ranges from a full color wheal only with the three colors marked in the spreadsheet below.

A final note. I wasn't expecting to be able to paint a lot of details (facial and hands) on the cold press watercolor paper. Having a rather rough surface, it is quite difficult to keep lines just as fine as on a piece of paper for drawing. Also given the tiny size of the surface and the time allocated for the activity, I was not expecting for more from this exercise. As one can see, I am busy with many other activities.

Please let me know if you are interested in the cake recipe by writing me in the comment section.

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